CTF Options

École Meridian Heights School has a wide variety of options courses. Whether you're into sports, leadership or drama, there's something for you! 

Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) options are designed to allow students to explore their interests, passions and skills while making personal connections to career possibilities. Students experience meaningful learning made possible by taking on challenges based on various areas of occupation.

Term 2 Options Registration

To allow students the broadest possible selection of courses while ensuring balanced class sizes, students will choose their top three options for this term. Students will make their Term 2 course selections together with their teacher during the first week of December, with Term 2 options tentatively starting on Monday, December 9.

Please note:

  • Magic Voices runs all year, and thus will fill three of the available six elective spots for the year.  
  • Foods requires two elective spots during one term, allowing room for four other electives during the other two terms.
  • Some options have a fee associated with them; please refer to this year's selections below for costs

Option B


How can I create something beautiful from various materials?

In this option, we will experiment with various materials to create beautiful products. Students will research and organize materials so that their creations may come to life! 

Course Fee: $15


How can I develop my sketching ability in order to draw people and portraits?

Students will be able to develop their sketching/shading abilities. We will start simple and work our way up to portraiture. Come join Mrs. Huedepohl in expression through visual arts!

Course Fee: $10

Junior High Band

How can I learn to play an instrument with proper technique and perform with a group of other instrumentalists?

Band is a Term 1 & 2 course for students to listen, learn and play music as part of a full musical team. All musical abilities are welcome: you can take part even if you have never played an instrument before!

Students can choose from the flute, clarinet, alto/tenor saxophone, trumpet, french horn, euphonium, trombone, percussion or tuba, all of which are provided by the school. The band will have many opportunities to perform at events in the community and at school.

Course Fee: $45 for instrument rental and supplies


How can I develop my fundamental basketball skills and train to become an elite level athlete?

Whether you are new to the sport or want to hone your skills, this option is for anyone who wants to improve at basketball. Emphasis will be placed on perfecting fundamental skills and pushing beyond your comfort zone. Be prepared to sweat it out on the court!

3D Design

How can I develop my abilities in using a CAD program to create simple and more sophisticated 3D designs?

Students will learn how to use a Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD) program that will enable them to make custom 3D designs of anything they can imagine!

The program used is a?n easy, browser­-based 3D design and modeling tool. It allows users to imagine anything and then design it!

Course Fee: $5

Outdoor Pursuits

What pursuits are unique to being in an outdoor setting; and, how does one develop skills to engage in these activities safely?

This activity-based course provides opportunities for students to study and experience outdoor adventures. Acquire knowledge in the background of outdoor pursuits and specific skills related to these areas, including cross-country skiing, snow shelter building, skating, and tobogganing, and see if you want to take on these various recreational possibilities both now and in the future.

Course Fee: $20 for a cross-country skiing trip to the Strathcona Wilderness Centre in February.

Classroom Assistants & Service Leadership

What are the skills needed to work with younger kids?

Do you want to make our school a better place? Do you like to work with younger kids? If so, this is the option for you!

Students in this option will learn skills and strategies to work with younger children. You will have the opportunity to play games, read and mentor some of the younger students at our school.

Unwind the Mind

How can I learn the skills needed to maintain a healthy mind when faced with day-to-day stresses?

Tests, homework, chores, friends, siblings - who can say that life isn’t full of stressful things? In this option, students will learn how to de-stress in a healthy, fun and tech-free way. From board games to yoga, from making crafts to embarking on outdoor adventures, this option includes a variety of activities and lessons that will help students learn to “unwind their mind” and de-stress in our busy world.

Option A & B

Foods - Baking

How can I learn the skills needed to function safely in a kitchen and bake desserts?

In this course, we will be exploring some sweet treats while staying on a tight budget. Depending on your experience in the kitchen, you may learn many new techniques and terms that you will use throughout your life - yes, one day you will eventually move out on your own, and need these basic skills!

As well as learning new cooking and baking skills, you will also learn basic kitchen safety.

Course Fee: $30

Option A

Magic Voices

How do we connect through song? What does it take to create an engaging performance?

This year-long choral option directed by Mrs. Huedepohl involves much singing, laughing, connections and maybe even a little bit of tea!  You will learn vocal techniques to keep your voice healthy for a lifetime, how to sing with harmonies around you, how to articulate complex rhythms and even how to sing phrases from a dead language! This option includes a few field trips and performance opportunities.

Course Fee: $45

Art For Amateurs

How can I improve my basic art skills while learning to develop my sense of creativity?

Love art but aren’t an artist? Love painting pictures, but can’t produce perfection? That’s okay - you don’t need to know every skill and technique to create something beautiful. In this class, you will learn how to demonstrate your creativity, while focusing only on basic art skills.

Course Fee: $15

Recreational Leadership

How can I build my planning and leadership skills in a physically active environment?

Would you like to build the skills to lead, coach and manage a physical activity, or drill with a class or small group of athletes? Do you enjoy motivating people to work hard and do their best?  For those of you who love physical activity and are interested in building leadership in those areas - this option is for you!

By playing of a variety of gym games, students will explore and gain knowledge and experience in organizing and running various types of activities and tournaments.

Classroom Assistants & Service Leadership

What are the skills needed to work with younger kids?

Do you want to make our school a better place? Do you like to work with younger kids? If so, this is the option for you!

Students in this option will learn skills and strategies to work with younger children. You will have the opportunity to play games, read and mentor some of the younger students at our school.


Have you ever wondered what those dots on elevator buttons and dollar bills mean, and how are they interpreted?

Here is your chance to learn the introductory Braille code! In this elective, students will learn the Braille alphabet, numerical Braille, basic sighted-guide techniques, the technique of writing with a slate & stylus, and how to use computer applications to write in Braille.

Course Fee (Optional): $15 if students wish to keep their slate and stylus.

Winter Sports

How can I maximize my fitness level and have fun at the same time on an outdoor ice surface?

In this course, you will explore the many ways in which you can benefit from utilizing the community space that is your outdoor rink. Remember, you will need your own skates and CSA approved ice skating helmet to take part in this class.

Course Fee (Optional): $25-30 for potential field trip to Edmonton Oil Kings Hockey Hooky at Rogers Place.

School Spirit

How can I make Meridian Heights the best it can be? 

As leaders in the school, you will have an opportunity for your voice to be heard! Create, organize and operate school-wide activities. Projects will include school activities for Christmas and Valentine’s Day, and any other activities students choose to initiate.

Board Games

How can I develop my problem-solving skills and apply them to games?

If you’re not prepared to lose every friend you have over a card or board game, you’re not playing hard enough! In this course, students will have the opportunity to learn new card and board games as well as share their favorites with fellow students while putting their math and problem-solving skills to the test.