CTF Options

École Meridian Heights School has a wide variety of options courses. Whether you're into sports, leadership or drama, there's something for you! 

Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) options are designed to allow students to explore their interests, passions and skills while making personal connections to career possibilities. Students experience meaningful learning made possible by taking on challenges based on various areas of occupation.

Term 1 Options Registration

To allow students the broadest possible selection of courses while ensuring balanced class sizes, students will choose their top three options for this term. Students will make their Term 1 course selections together with their teacher.

Option A


How can I improve my basic cooking skills while learning to prepare and cook meals in 30 minutes or less?

Love to eat delicious food, but hate spending hours in the kitchen? This option is for you! In this class, we will be learning how to prepare and cook basic meals in half an hour or less.

Course Fee: $30

Draw / Doodle / Design

Have you ever wanted to have time to draw your own art?

You could also help to design new ideas for Meridian spirit wear. Come ready to draw and doodle.

Course Fee: n/a

Fitness & Games

Let's play!

This course is aimed at learning and playing a variety of active games, both in the gym and outside. We will then prepare mini-lessons and invite groups of younger students to play while we facilitate the games.

Course Fee: n/a

3D Design

How can 1 develop my abilities in using a CAD program to create simple and more sophisticated 3D designs?

Students will learn how to use a CAD (Computer Assisted Drawing) program that will enable them to make custom 3D designs of anything that they can imagine! The program used is an easy browser-based 3D design and modelling tool for all. It allows users to imagine anything and then design it!

Course Fee: n/a

Leadership & Volunteerism

Looking for an opportunity to help build our school community by leading a volunteer project or helping around the school?

You will have the opportunity to present your own volunteer project you are passionate about completing or be given the opportunity to help out around the school community in a way that suits your passions and interests.

Course Fee: n/a

Magic Voices

Choir is the opportunity for students to sing together and make a new community.

The foundations of vocal technique are presented and practiced to perform choral works in formal and informal settings. Endorphins release and friendships solidify as we create something fine as a group. If singing fills your heart, this class is your new home.

Course Fee: n/a


Music instruction at École Meridian Heights School takes place in a wind ensemble setting.

This is an activity-oriented class whereby students explore music through the use of modern-day concert-band instruments. These instruments are separated into three distinct categories: woodwind, brass, and percussion. Students also explore a variety of musical styles ranging from Classical and Baroque through Latin American and into Pop and Rock genres of music.

The most exciting aspect of instrumental music at the junior high level is that it is a new experience for most students. Learning a musical instrument offers a wide variety of unique opportunities for the students to enjoy including performances.

With the chance to gain new confidence by learning these instruments and performing in public. Music is an essential component of a well-rounded and balanced education.

Course Fee: n/a

Entrepreneur Class

Have you ever wanted to start a small business? Would you like to learn more about how to make your business successful, and what steps are involved?

During this class, we will dive into the magical world of entrepreneurship, the process involved with setting up a business, and how money works. The capstone project will involve starting a business in the school with REAL MONEY. If you are an entrepreneur at heart, this class is for you!

Course Fee: n/a

Option B


Extending the opportunity offered to elementary students, École Meridian Heights School is excited to offer a cross-country option to its junior high.

The aim of this program is to provide training & conditioning that will allow runners to compete in local cross-country meets; with the culminating race being a 5km race on December 10th at Hawrelak Park. Students will also be involved in the planning and hosting of our own Meridian Meet in October. This option is a fine idea for those students looking to get a head-start on their Banff Marathon training which begins in Term 3.

Course Fee: $60


How can I develop my fundamental soccer skills and train to become a more physically literate athlete?

Whether you are new to the sport or want to hone your skills, this option is for anyone who wants to develop technically and physically within the game of soccer. Programming will be based on the Canadian Soccer Association's Long-Term Player Development Model (LTPD). Students will work on fundamentals in a variety of ways and apply skills through small-sided games. This is also a great opportunity to learn & train if you are interested in playing for the Magic Soccer team which runs in the spring.

Course Fee: n/a

Creative Writing

Are you the next JK Rowling, Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran?

Explore writing at a more in-depth, personal level—from journals to stories. Be creative and get your work published. Share it with the world!

Course Fee: n/a

Cards & Games

If you're not prepared to lose every friend you have over a card or board game, you're not playing hard enough!

In this course, students will have the opportunity to learn new card and board games as well as share their favourites with fellow students while putting their math and problem-solving skills to the test!

Course Fee: n/a

Arts & Crafts

Whether you want to be a professional artist or you simply like to scribble on the side of your homework, everyone has their own sense of creativity and, in this class, you will get to express yours!

From playing with paint to carving cardboard, each student will be given the opportunity to experiment with different materials to make some awesome art and crazy crafts.

Course Fee: $15

Driver's Ed

Are you ready to get your learner's driver's licence?

In this option, you will learn everything you need to know to ace your learner's test and hit the road with confidence!

Course Fee: n/a

Leadership & Volunteerism

Looking for an opportunity to help build our school community by leading a volunteer project or helping around the school?

You will have the opportunity to present your own volunteer project you are passionate about completing or be given the opportunity to help out around the school community in a way that suits your passions & interests.

Course Fee: n/a

Troupe Magique (École Meridian Heights School's musical theatre group)

Troupe Magique will be producing the musical "Adventures of a Comic Book Artist" this year.

This first-term option class will be involved in creating the set for the actors. Newly drawn characters come to life in this imaginative play so the set design crew will have fun creating both a large comic book scene and a real-life office setting! If you love the idea of being the creative force behind the scenes of theatre production, then this class is for you!

Course Fee: n/a