Athletics & Physical Education

About Physical Activities at Meridian Heights

At Meridian Heights, we believe strongly in the concept of physical wellness. We believe that active children make better learners and more resilient human beings.

You will notice that our younger students are involved in less structured playtime, and as they grow older, more and more opportunities arise for them to join organized activities and teams.  

In a typical year at our school, we offer students the opportunity to participate in:

  • Volleyball: September-November for Grades 5-9
    • Developmental Team (Grades 5-6)
    • Junior Team (Grades 7-8)
    • Senior Team (Grades 8-9)
  • Cross-Country Running: September-October for Grades K-9
  • Hip-Hop Dance: One week in September or October for Grades 2-6
  • Swimming: October for Grades 4-5
  • Basketball: December-March for Grades 5-9
    • Developmental Team (Grades 5-6)
    • Junior Team (Grades 7-8)
    • Senior Team (Grades 8-9)
  • Ski and Snowboarding Club: January-February for Grades 4-9
  • Ice Hockey: Term 2 Option for Grades 7-9
  • Running Room Indoor Games (8x200m Relay): January-March for Grades 5-9
  • Bloomsday Run or Banff Marathon 10 km Race: January-May for Grades 7-9 (available as an option or extracurricular activity)
  • Badminton: April-May for Grades 7-9
  • Intramural Floor Hockey: April-May for Grades 7-9
  • Soccer: For Grades 7-9 (available as an option or extracurricular activity)
  • Physical Literacy Days & Fun Day: For Grades K-7 (held 2-3 times per year)
  • Track and Field: One or two meets in June for Grades 4-9 (available as an option or extracurricular activity)

What is the purpose of early years activities?

Children learn through play, and often free-style creative movement is more effective in developing students' physical literacy. We do not allow elementary students to take electronic devices outside for recess time, so that they may enjoy our playgrounds and extensive play areas. This practice becomes especially important as we develop and focus on nature-based activities.

Gradually, young children are invited to join our running clubs, go swimming, dance, explore activity centres and take part in other more structured programs outside of their three to four PE classes each week.

What is the purpose of middle years activities?

We hope our students carry good active habits throughout their lives. Beginning in Grade 5-9, we introduce children to a variety of team and individual sports. We want this to be a positive experience that builds skill, and introduces some healthy competition. Extracurricular teams and activities should complement PE classes and community sports.

Keep In Mind... 

We believe physical activity is essential to good health, but we also believe that one learns much more from being involved in school physical activities.

We expect the following from all participants:

  1. Commitment: Choosing and sticking with an activity is a life skill. We ask that once joined, unless there has been an injury preventing play, students should persevere and continue for the season, so they can experience the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing a season.

  2. Teamwork: We think of Meridian as a team or family, which means that we aim to foster a culture of respect, support and collegiality, regardless of whether a student takes part in a team or individual sport activity. Supporting the team is essential, even if they endure a loss.

  3. Fee Payment: Schools cannot fund extracurricular activities, and almost all of the above activities have costs. Students should discuss their joining a team or activity with their parents well in advance of trying out, as these fees need to be paid promptly. Jumpstart grant funding may be available for some activities (see below).

  4. Parent Critique and Sportsmanship: Please remember that all organizers and coaches are volunteers. If you have a concern, we ask that you speak directly and respectfully with our volunteer coaches. Fortunately, our Meridian parent community is well known for their excellent sportsmanship.

What is Jumpstart?

Some PSD schools are working with Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart grants.

Jumpstart states that, “Participating in sport helps kids develop physical and social skills. It helps build self-esteem. By helping kids get into the game, we’re equipping them with determination. And we’re giving them confidence that will extend beyond practices and games. No kid should be left on the sidelines, but in Canada, 1 in 3 families cannot afford to enroll their kids in organized sports or physical activity. That’s almost 750,000 kids every year who want to play, but just can’t.”

When your child brings home a consent form, you will see a reference to Jumpstart near the fees section. There is no guarantee that your child will be funded, but if you would like to have us submit your child’s name, please complete the information. If the form is returned in a timely manner, funding may come through before the season or activity starts.